Different Types of Coin Collecting

Informal Coin Collecting

Most people start out as informal collectors of coins. Coin collecting for kids is usually informal. They start out with no specific goal in mind, they just know that it is fun collecting coins. They collect coins from various countries or from different eras without being serious about it.

Inquisitive Coin Collecting

Once the coin collector starts noticing the coin details, they become an inquisitive coin collector. Inquisitive coin collectors don’t spend a lot money to get coins. They merely want to admire the coins and learn the details about them. They will also start storing the coins in containers or albums.

Advanced Coin Collecting

An advanced coin collector is someone who collects coins from a specific time or a specific type of coin.

There are many specific types of coins or many different eras or countries to focus your coin collecting on. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Coin collection according to nation

Coin collecting for a specific country or nation is one the most popular coin collecting types. This kind of coin collection lets the collector travel the globe through the coins. Other people may want to collect coins from places they lived or where there family came from.

Historical coin collection

Another coin collecting niche is focusing on a certain period in history. Many coin collectors focus on specific events like the civil war, the fall of the Roman empire, or the United States fight for independence.

Error coins

Finding and collecting coins that were printed with errors is the most challenging type. Since so few coins were or are printed with an error, finding them is exciting because it is so rare!

As you can see, there are many ways for collecting coins. It is good to read up on it and decide which type you want to be. Serious Coin collecting can require requires money and the collector must be wise in engaging in such a hobby.

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